Erin and Cory's album design

Last fall I had an opportunity to document Erin and Cory's wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton (one of my all time favorite venues). It was raining that day when we showed up at Erin's home. Meanwhile, the folks at the Barn were watching the radar closely and by the time Erin arrived it was determined that we could pull off having the ceremony outside. Well, perhaps one of the coolest things that day was right after Erin and Cory kissed the sun came out in full force. Everyone cheered and rejoiced - it was such great symbolism, almost as if God was smiling down and cheering along. Perhaps that's why their sunset shot (currently featured on my portfolio page) holds even more meaning (to me as least). Although we all hoped for sun, I don't think anyone knew it would be coming out that day.

I had the pleasure of seeing both Erin and Cory at their cousin Alissa and Brian's wedding this past weekend. We took some cool extended family night photos with the Boston Harbor and lights in the background. At one point Cory joked that they'd have to invite me to all of their family reunions in the future (I guess it seems I'm always there when they get together). That would be an honor for sure :)

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