Ishviene and Sorubh

For the past few years I've had the honor of documenting at least one Indian wedding per season. It's always an amazing experience just witnessing the traditions that are carried out. Most recently I was hired to document Ishviene and Sorubh's wedding which spanned three days. The first night was the Sangeet -- it's where the families come together with gifts, dance, food, and lots of celebrating. I then documented the Mehndi, where Henna (temporary) tattoos are applied. The third day was filled with various ceremonies, wardrobe changes, and of course, the reception.

As a photographer, I'm always blown away by the colors and patterns I see at Indian weddings. It's a feast for the eyes as they say. At Ishviene and Sorubh's Sangeet and wedding reception, this was all enhanced by the use of colorful lights that accented and complimented their attire. Personally what made it even greater for me, was the fact that they dressed in blue the first night, which happens to be my favorite color! Below you'll see some photos that spanned the three days. You can also check out their slideshow over on the right hand side of my blog. Enjoy!