Lindsay and Ryan's Engagement Shoot in Greenwich, CT

Every now and then I sign on to document a wedding for a couple from the New York City area. In Lindsay and Ryan's case they'll be hosting their wedding in Newport, RI next year. For their engagement shoot we found a nice location in Greenwich, CT. I grew up in a nearby town, New Canaan where my folks still reside. So for me it's a business/pleasure trip, and Nana and Pop-pop are always happy to see their grandchildren. Once I met up with Lindsay and Ryan I knew it was going to be a fun shoot. They both have such a fun and care free approach to life. I was welcomed in and I think we were all laughing for the majority of the shoot. As the sun set and the park closed we all realized what a long walk we had back to the car. Shortly thereafter we were offered a ride by an old salty dog who manages the boat rentals in the park. I have to say it's the first time I've hitchhiked on a shoot! Kids out there, just a reminder we were in Greenwich. And in discussing the ride later on, Ryan and I both agreed that we could "take" the guy had things gone a-rye. Ha! Well, we made it back to the car safely. Below are a few shots from our evening. More samples can be found on my facebook page.