Lindsey and Mike

I had a chance to see Lindsey and Mike at their friends, Alexis and Will's wedding earlier this summer. Seeing them got me really excited to document their wedding. I say this all the time, but being a wedding photographer, it's like you have a legitimate wedding crash pass to show up and take photos. And unlike a wedding crasher, you're welcome at the event. Not only that but you're treated like a special guest! If you didn't have "the pass" you wouldn't otherwise get to see what goes on and feed off the energy of the day. Yeah, I do love photographing people, but having that pass to show up at a wedding. It's like being invited into another world that you wouldn't otherwise get a chance to see. It removes you from your circle of friends and open's your eyes to a broader perspective on life. It's what makes this job so much fun and rewarding. On top of all of this, when you show up and the bride has blue shoes, well, you just know it's going to be a fun day! It's funny, when I think of Lindsey and Mike, I can't help but think of shoes. Mike's gifts to all of his groomsmen were custom ID Nike shoes - very creative and cool! And Lindsey and Mike both brought their soccer cleats for a few picks as well, which just shows how outgoing they both are. I couldn't help but smile, laugh and feel like one of the gang! Thanks for the pass guys and congratulations!