In today's day and age, it's becoming pretty commonplace to meet someone online through a dating service. And the whole idea of listing your "specs" to find the right mate makes perfect sense. But that wasn't the case with Maya and Mike. In fact, Maya basically said that on paper, they would probably be the last to be paired up! Yet after meeting each other, they found that they were so similar and compatible in many ways. This was so apparent on their wedding day. I don't think I've ever seen a couple with so many secret handshakes and funny faces that they go into at random. It was pretty hilarious. I found myself laughing while trying to document it all! That's just one of the many fun things about this job. Also, hearing so many great things about Maya and Mike throughout the day. And then to find out that Mike took on and beat CANCER with Maya by his side! That's just huge (hence the Super-Mike T-shirts)! No doubt, their positive energy and outlook on life played a role here. It's what made this day extra sweet!