Lindsey and Erik's Engagement Shoot / Boston, MA

The ultimate compliment for a wedding photographer (well, me at least), is when a family wants to hire you again to document another family wedding. And this was the situation I found myself in a couple months back when I received the call from Lindsey's mom, Sandy. I was super excited because, despite the rain, we had an amazing time at her sister Amanda's wedding back in 2012! That's why reconnecting with Lindsey and meeting Erik for the first time was so special. Lindsey mentioned that they are both very spiritual people, so we agreed to start the engagement shoot off at Trinity Church in Copley Square. We finished up just before sunset in the Public Gardens. Lindsey has a thing for street lamps, and our timing could not have been better as the street lamps were turned on as we entered the park. The sunset that evening was surreal - it wasn't just colorful in the west - the color blanketed the entire sky. We captured some real magic that evening; I couldn't help but think Lindsey's late father, Ken was there with us.