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Kate and Ben / Old South Church and The Barn at Gibbet Hill

It's been a very busy and rewarding season, so much so that I've neglected to find the time to escape what's real and dive into the virtual world. In all the time I've been documenting weddings, I honestly don't think I've had a more fulfilling year! There have been a lot of firsts, which is rare at this stage in the game; I mean, I should've seen everything by now, right? Without a doubt, THE most organized bride award goes to Kate; yes, so many organized ones from the past couple of years make the top ten, but Kate takes the cake! And my insights were reinforced later on during the toasts with not one, but a few references to her organizational skills! I mean she was 'on it' all day, which was both helpful and entertaining; so many laughs from start to finish. Ben's family was pretty organized as well - after all, they're Swiss! Knowing that Ben is both Swiss and that he plays tennis, I couldn't help but notice that he also resembles the G.O.A.T. (God of All Tennis or Greatest of All Time) himself, Roger Federer. I think for a moment I got a little star struck. Above all both families were so gracious, and it was so awesome to document their coming together. I had such a blast with this couple and hope you all enjoy this sneak peak of their day…

Rebecca and Adam's Engagement Shoot

I've been meaning to share these images for while now, but I've had a record busy August with loads of weddings and shoots. I really had a great time with Rebecca and Adam, and their dog, Tucker! And that makes me think back to several years ago; I recall having dogs join couples on two of my shoots - I believe it was 2007. This year, it seems like it's every other shoot! I actually did a search to see if it was "the year of the dog," turns out, it's not - it's the year of the horse! Well, we did have one of those at a Divya and Zach's wedding! Anyway, back to the shoot...When I asked Rebecca and Adam what they did to stay in shape, Adam mentioned that he plays a little tennis, and Rebecca said that her cheerleading keeps her pretty fit. Not only does she have a professional career, but she also finds time to cheerlead for a little team by the name of the CELTICS! Wow! I had no idea; but later on was not surprised by her form on the jump shot! Adam, not too shabby either, man! Can't wait for your wedding next year at the Boston Harbor Hotel!