Providence Public Library

Vinita and Trevor at the Providence Public Library

It was a great pleasure to be invited to spend the weekend with both Vinita and Trevor, and their families. I felt the warmth and love from the very moment I showed up, and this really made me feel even more present in the moment with them. While their overall color theme for the wedding was purple, I think just about every other color was represented in the ornate outfits everyone wore. Everything was held at the Providence Public Library. The architecture in and outside of this building is just incredible. It really is the perfect setting for a wedding. And it was so cool to see it transformed complete with an Indian mandap. If you've never been to an Indian wedding, I highly recommend adding it to the bucket list. The culture is so inviting, and the words spoken during the ceremony really make you stop and think of how grateful we must be to be here, living. Congratulations guys - see you again later this summer for your sister, Wendy's wedding!