engagement shoot

Jenn and Evan, Fenway

Passion for the Red Sox, passion for each other! What a fun shoot I had with Jenn and Evan around Fenway Park. We even managed to get our hands on a 2013 Championship ring (well, technically they got their hands on it; mine were on the camera). Can't wait for their wedding later this year!

Liz and Kenny, Chatham, NY

One of the very cool things about following your passion as your career, is that many doors open. In the case of Liz and Kenny, it was a door to a new town and experience; one that I will cherish. On one level, it's vicarious; you're experience something that's important and special to someone else, and it's catchy! The other thing is, you have this fresh view of a new place, and that's always special and fun to capture. "Like a kid in a candy store," is what I always say, and I must have said it at least a couple of times that day. A big thank you goes out to Mother Nature for blowing just the right amount of clouds out of town, just in time for us to head out on our journey…

Tyler, Alex and Nolan / Heard Pond, Wayland, MA

A few days ago, I met up with Tyler, Alex and their 1 year old dog, Nolan. We went to Nolan's regular stomping ground - Heard Pond in Wayland. It's essentially an amusement park for any type of hunting dog! While he only stayed for a short while, I was impressed that Nolan was able to contain his excitement and stand still for a few photos; nice work, buddy! The rest of the time was spent with Tyler and Alex. They're one of those couples that can make each other laugh very easily. There is definitely no shortage of chemistry! I know their wedding is going to be so much fun, and I hear that Nolan is on the guest list!

Kate and Ben / Charlestown, MA

Kate, Ben and I managed to find an opening in the weather this past weekend to take their engagement photos. We decided to meet up at their stomping ground - Charlestown! So much history, and no shortage of options for photos. Plus, when one is blessed with such amazing clients, it makes what you do just seem like play time! Such a fun couple; I can't wait for their wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill later this summer! #funcouple #bostonweddingphotographer #michaeljcharles #Charlestown #engagementshoot

Julie and Jerry / Engagement Shoot

Sometimes loves comes knocking on your door when you least expect it! That was the case with Julie. She wasn't looking, but her friend knew this guy that would be perfect for her. Her friend was right! Julie and Jerry make an awesome team! Not only do they have fun with each other but they inspire and push each other to do great things! They recently got on a health kick and it's changing their lives. They both look and feel great and on our shoot they were like a couple of kids together! Julie picked out some great locations in Lowell. She has an artistic eye and it's fun to be around a couple that is as excited about potential photos as I am :) Also, the names "Julie and Jerry" together...come on, can you get any cuter than that??? Here are a few samples from our shoot...